I haven't written here in a while. 


It's because, I have been writing somewhere else.


In fact, for the past six weeks, I have written nearly 30,000 words. The size of a small book. 


It all began at the end of last summer. In an email, a mom with young children asked if we could "pursue a closer relationship...in a mentorship type of thing?" 


I told her I would pray about it. Plus, I asked, "would you consider including others in a small group?" 


That is my thing! My heart thinks, "If I'm going to invest in one person, why not do it for 3, or 4, or 12…" 


The invitation simmered in the back of my mind, while new grandchildren arrived, and my youngest son was married to his beautiful bride.  


Then in January, with no more moves, or new grandbabies, or weddings on the near horizon, I began to seriously consider the idea of mentoring a group of women, with a twist. You see, somewhere along the way, the idea was suggested to host the group online. So, I began to do my homework.


I met with my friend, author, and coach, Laurie Wallin, about how her online coaching groups worked. And, I prayed. Then, I took a random Facebook survey. 1) Would you be interested in an online mentoring group? 2) What would you want to learn about?


I was surprised at the response I received. So, I prayed even more. At the same time, because I needed information from my own life from the days when my children were small, I found myself reading through old journals. 


Finally, I put it all together. I wrote down the comments from the Facebook survey. I thought of the themes from my own journals. And, a pattern emerged. The messages I needed to teach, the key to learning to be a godly woman, wife, mother, friend, (all topics from my FB survey) or any other role life requires of us is this: Our growth and fruitfulness in every area of life flows out of our intimacy with Jesus!


I prayerfully considered this and several other opportunities presented to me in the new year. As I did, it was as if I could sense the Lord's hands on my back, giving me a firm, but gentle shove. "It's Time, Now, Go!" Suddenly, I had a plan. I knew the topics I would teach each week. I thought of women I could invite to join me to test my pilot, online mentoring group. 


Here it is seven weeks later. The pilot group is complete. 30,000 words have been written. When I started, I had no idea I had that many words to write. Or, that I had so many lessons, ideas, and stories to tell. (And, I have a ton more. LOL) Or, about how much I would enjoy the participation of and interaction with others. Or, how very fulfilling and life-giving this avenue of sharing would be.


For so many years, I felt as If I was standing on the shore of a river that I yearned to jump in. There I stood learning, growing, maturing (I hope). Then, somehow this year, as I have heeded God's tender push to move into new areas of ministry, God placed me in the middle of the river, swept up in the flow of His bigger plan and purpose for my life. All this time, thirty plus years, I strived to be in this place. And all the while, God was holding me back, trying to tell me, "I've got this. I've got you." Until now, when with no strife at all, the Lord, in His perfect timing, opened up and showed me the way into the river.  


This year, I'm excited to offer more online mentoring groups, as the Lord leads. Plus, I think I will take my 30,000 words and make them into a small book. Or, maybe I'll add a few more words, and make a little bigger book. I'm excited to see where the river flows.   


As I close now, I would love to hear from you, dear readers. Perhaps, you would like to be a part of a future online mentoring group. Maybe, the Lord has stirred your heart to begin one? Perhaps, you are waiting on the river bank. You know God's preparing you for something, but the time is not quite right. Or, perhaps you've been on the river bank, and doors are opening for you. Do you sense the gentle nudge of the Lord to step into the river's flow? I pray the Lord will give you His wisdom, peace and direction wherever you find yourself today.