Last summer, I began this blog with good intentions. My hope was and is to encourage women as they grow in their walk with the Lord. My goal was to publish a post at least once a month. Three posts in one year falls far short of my goal. It would be easy to blame this failed endeavor on several unexpected turn of events. However, this would be an excuse to cover up the real reason why there are three and not twelve posts on my well-intentioned blog.

Truth be told, the reason my blog lies dormant is doubt, fear and insecurity. As I composed the beginning of several ideas for posts doubt crept into my thoughts, "who are you to think that you have anything to say?" Fear jumped in next taunting, "you don't have anything to say that hasn't already been said before." And finally insecurity, the loudest voice of all, accuses me, "what if it's not perfect?"

To my surprise, today, I received a second request asking to follow my elusive blog. So here is my fresh attempt to regularly update my blog and to silence the voices of doubt, fear and insecurity! I pray what I have to share will speak to and encourage others. What I will write may not be new, but no one else has experienced it quite the way I have, so that makes it unique. And, I guarantee my blog won't be perfect! I will make mistakes!

How about you? Do doubt, fear and insecurity ever hold you back from something you long to do? Is there a dream God has placed in your heart that you are hesitant to follow? I pray that today you will take a step of faith as I have by writing this post. Stop listening to the lies that hold you back. Hold on to the truths that God has revealed to you. And move forward towards the plans and purposes He intends for your life!

Moving forward together with you!