Letters From a Mother's Heart - New Release!

Letters From a Mother's Heart - New Release!

Timeless Truths From One Mom's Journey

As I prepared to write this book, one thing became clear, this was God’s idea long before it was mine. You see, twenty-one years ago, two letters arrived in my mailbox. One came from Washington state, and the other from some where around Florida.

I read the first letter, “I am writing... to get some parenting advice... I really admire what I saw in your house... Do you have any words of wisdom?” In the next one I read, “I think of you so often. How great you are at being a godly mommy!... Help! How do you do it? I need your wisdom and knowledge.”

I wept, tears pouring down my cheeks and on to the pieces of paper. How could anyone ask me about parenting? Yet, this could not be a coincidence. God knew how much I had struggled to be the parent I longed to be. Sitting at my dining room table, I read the letters again, and cried out to God, “why are they asking me?" Suddenly, the Lord opened my heart’s eyes to see the many lessons He had taught me on my parenting journey. So, I grabbed a pen and began to scribble down ideas to encourage my precious mama friends.

Those scribbled titles became fifteen letters, from the heart of one mother to another. My mailing list grew from my two friends, to their friends, to over one hundred other moms. These letters, called timeless treasures by some, now fill the pages of this book. A book I am certain God had in mind even before those two letters arrived in my mailbox twenty-one years ago.