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  • How to Date Your Mate During Self Isolation
    Letting Them Know, "You Are My Top Priority"

    Last week, I received this message: “Hey friend (my son) has a really great suggestion for a blog post…”How to Date Your Mate During Self Isolation.”  Challenge accepted! And, I dedicate this post to... read more

  • Regular Acts Of Kindness
    Turning 60 - My Gift To You, Your Gift to Others

    Today, I am 60. And, my blog turns 10.Six decades of living.A decade of writing.This year, my hearts desire for this milestone birthday/blogiversary post is to give each one of you a gift! And to ask you, dear reader, to give a gi... read more

  • Praying in Faith with Boldness and Confidence
    Learning to Contend in Prayer - Part 6

    “Are you still nearby? Because the president of the United States just walked past our shop.”This was the message I received, several years ago, from a dear friend who managed a toy store where I loved to buy gifts.No, I wasn... read more

  • When We Contend On Behalf of Others
    Learning to Contend in Prayer - Part 5

    2019 has been a year of contending!I didn’t really understand that!Until the last few weeks, when I felt the Holy Spirit ask me to study God’s Word from the view of contending in prayer.Instantly, I assumed my study would incl... read more

  • Called to be Relentless Watchmen and Watch-Women
    Learning to Contend in Prayer - Part 4

    (Dedicated To My Mom)“Do you know of anyone who was praying for you?” This is a question I often ask the person who is sitting across from me in a coffee shop or at a cafe, as I listen to their story about God’s miraculous a... read more

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