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  • A Much Bigger God Story
    A Much Bigger God Story
    "A Book Is Never A Book"

    "I WROTE A BOOK!" Shouts the little girl inside of me, twirling around and around in my heart!   I want to show everyone! (Even though, the book I carry with me is just a proof copy). Plus, I find I need to cry. So, I do. Tea... read more

  • Room At The Family Table
    Room At The Family Table
    Hospitality Is Not an Option

    This post is dedicated to Miles. Thank you for opening my eyes to the true value of family dinners.   Years ago, when we all lived under one roof, our house was the hub for middle school, high school and college kids. Music (... read more

  • Sleepless Nights and Prayerful Days
    Sleepless Nights and Prayerful Days
    When God Entrusts You with a Leader Son

    This week, one of the greatest cries of my heart and answers to my prayers turns thirty-four.   From the start, my first born began to show his true colors.   He would hurry for no one! Not to be his Grandma's birthday p... read more

  • There's A New Church In Town
    There's A New Church In Town
    When An Ordinary Mom Raises a Pastor Son

    Happy New Year! My favorite holiday of all. The day my life changed forever, after I answered a pastor's call to kneel by my pew and surrender my life to Jesus. I thought I had done it a dozen times before, but that night, 39 year... read more

  • No Grumbling Allowed
    No Grumbling Allowed
    Shine Like A Star

    Do all things without grumbling and complaining.   These words, running through my sleepy brain, seemed to shout, Wake Up!   I rolled on my side, trying to fall back to sleep. But sleep would not come.   My normal w... read more

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