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  • 21 Prayers For Our Teenagers and Prodigals
    21 Prayers For Our Teenagers and Prodigals
    A Window Into A Mother's Heart

    "I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had no where else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for that day." Abraham Lincoln   "The teen years may kill ... read more

  • Keeping It Fresh
    Keeping It Fresh
    When Our Bible Reading Time Grows Stale

    Can I be honest with you? My daily Bible reading times have become stale. Not because God's Word has lost it's oomph! No, not at all! But, because I have lost mine!   Before I continue, let me add, I love God's Word! It is tr... read more

  • Remember These Things
    Remember These Things
    Make Every Effort To...

    Did you know God's Word promises that we have everything we need to live a godly life?     Well, it's true! This amazing promise was proclaimed to all believers by the very disciple who followed Jesus for three year... read more

  • R E S P E C T
    R E S P E C T
    Just A Few Thoughts

    This is definitely not my normal post. However, two months ago, I received this private message, "Hello Cathy. I wanted to know have you written anything on respect and the Bibles perspective..."    I love it when someon... read more

  • Dearest One, May I Just Encourage You to Never Give Up
    Dearest One, May I Just Encourage You to Never Give Up
    Dreams Really Do Come True

    Last month, when I wrote about my trip to Canada for a Writer's Bootcamp, I left out a few very important details.   At the end of our first day, our inspirational teacher gave us a homework assignment. It was due the fo... read more

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