One of my greatest joys is speaking, teaching, and sharing with others how very precious, practical, and powerful the Word of God is in our every day lives. One-on-one, in a Bible Study, to a MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) group, at a women's retreat or any other special event, I love to tell stories about the lessons I have learned and the insights I have gained in my walk with the Lord these past thirty-five years. Below, are a few of the messages I love to share. I am also happy to create custom messages on a topic of your choosing.


A Wise Woman Builds Her House



With custom tailored blocks, I shares stories from my thirty-two years of marriage about the importance of a firm foundation, the value of the right building material, as well as the problems that, left unattended, will erode a marriage over time. Blocks include: Faith, Love, Commitment, Keep Him a Top Priority, Be His Biggest Fan, Speaking Words of Life, Prayer, Dance With Him, Guard Your Heart, and many more. Each message is prayerfully prepared for the audience.


Boar to Soar -The Power of Renewing Your Mind!



Scripture instructs us to take off our old self with its practices, to put on our new self, and to be renewed in our knowledge into the image of the One who created us. I am passionate to teach and empower others HOW to recognize and relinquish the "old self," to receive and embrace our "new self," and to retrain our thinking in order to enjoy all the freedom, fullness and fruitfulness that belongs to us as followers of Jesus Christ!


Lord, Grant me the Patience to Endure ENJOY my Blessings!



A popular MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) message, I delight to encourage mommies with stories of the most valuable lessons I learned and the things I would have done a little differently in order to fully enjoy, not merely endure, the blessings God entrusted to my care.



God's Unrelenting Love



God loves you and He will go to extreme measures to reveal that love! Through scripture and story, I love to share how God pursues us, prunes us and patiently disciplines us in a constant expression of His unrelenting love for each one of His children.


Other topics include (but are not limited to)

* M = Marriage; P = Parenting; W = Women

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Cathy's teaching was so smart, simple and something I could wrap my head around.

~MOPS Member