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  • A Much Bigger God Story
    "A Book Is Never A Book"

    "I WROTE A BOOK!" Shouts the little girl inside of me, twirling around and around in my heart!   I want to show everyone! (Ev... read more

  • Dearest One, May I Just Encourage You to Never Give Up
    Dreams Really Do Come True

    Last month, when I wrote about my trip to Canada for a Writer's Bootcamp, I left out a few very important details.   At ... read more

  • When God Revamps Your Life
    After The Dust Settles

    I haven't been here for a while. Not because I don't have anything to say. Believe me, I do.    I know this may sound st... read more

  • A New Home
    The Exact Places Where We Should Live

    Hello dear reader. I am so excited to welcome you to my new website. For the past several months, my youngest son shared his time ... read more

  • Garden Sacrafice

    It happened many years ago... Steam rose from my coffee mug. I took a long sip, and stared out the kitchen window. It was another... read more

  • Waste Not, Want Not
    Waiting...To Go (Part 2)

    This week, I have been sick. Each time I attempted to write a new post, my brain was too foggy to concentrate. However, I received... read more

  • Waiting... To Go
    (Part 1)

    The challenge of writing a blog, especially one designed to encourage others in their faith, is to make sure your posts don't come... read more

  • Lessons Learned in Seasons of Loneliness

    Last week, I received an email from an "old" friend. Something she wrote triggered painful memories of the seasons of loneliness I... read more

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