Articles categorized in "Growing Older"

  • We Simply Must Go Through It
    When There Is Only One Way

    This is my birthday week. I turn 59, and my blog will turn 9. As I have prayed about my annual blog-iversary post, I felt compelle... read more

  • My Birthday/Blog-iversary Wish
    Turning 58

    What do you want for your birthday?” This is the question my dear husband has asked me all summer.   The man already to... read more

  • Stuff I Miss About the Olden Days - Soft Wrinkles, Crooked Smiles, and Airport Farewell's
    Turning 56

    Welcome to my frivolous, self-indulgent, but, hopefully, fun annual birthday post. This week I turn 56. Which, also, happens to be... read more

  • What About God?
    Turning 55 - In These Troubled Times

    This week I turned 55! And my blog turns 5.    This is not my typical birthday post. Yet, I feel the need to write it's ... read more

  • Through the Eyes of a Child
    Turning 54

    Yesterday, I turned 54 and my blog turned 4. Happy Birthday to us! And, welcome to my annual birthday post.  Here are just a ... read more

  • You Can Teach An "Old Dog" New Tricks
    Turning 53

    Three years ago, on my 50th birthday, I began this blog, Cathy's Heart. Since then, I've added a website, a blog on parenting, as ... read more

  • God Orchestrates Answers to Prayer
    Turning 52

    Lately, the cry of my heart has been, "Lord, how do I get from here to where I want to be?" Two years ago I took a step in that ... read more

  • Birthday Wishes
    Turning 51

    I should be packing because next week we are moving. But I don't feel like packing, I need to write! Writing clears the cobwebs in... read more

  • Turning 50

    This week I celebrated my 50th birthday. As I reflect upon my first half a century, I realize I am at peace in this place. Growi... read more

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