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  • Freed, To Be All God Created You to Be
    A Struggle Shared Can Set You Free

    It began as a dream, which stirred within me a word for one, then evolved into a message for many.     In the dream, I s... read more

  • Above All...
    Let Your "Yes" Be Yes, and Your "No" No

    There are two times a year, I am faithful to post here. In January, to help kickstart the new year. Then again, towards the end of... read more

  • No Fruit On The Vines
    When God Brings Us Through Seasons of Winter

    I love vineyards and the imagery Jesus uses in John 15, when He declares, "I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in ... read more

  • When Jesus Asks Us to Lay Down Our Lives
    The Hardest Part About Being A Christian

    What is the hardest part about being a Christian? For me, it is the necessary daily dying. The putting to death of sin and self. A... read more

  • When Life Gives You More Than You Can Handle -Part 2
    How My Heroes Overcome Adversity

    Last week, I went to visit family in Arizona. My dad was scheduled for surgery, and I wanted to keep him and my mom company during... read more

  • When Life Gives You More Than You Can Handle
    God's Opportunity to Grow Up

    Twenty-five years ago my husband and I began the greatest adventure of our lives.    With a moving van chock-full of eve... read more

  • Extreme Makeover - God's Edition
    The Mess that Leads to Beauty

    Are you a fan of home makeover shows? I am. My favorite was Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I loved to watch Ty Pennington and his... read more

  • When God Speaks - Part 2
    Will You Follow

    Muscle spasms. Have you ever experienced them? They're awful.   They began Monday evening. A chronic back problem. I stretche... read more

  • When God Speaks
    Are You Listening

    I love my dad! He taught me the value of hard work. Plus, he passed on to me the essential life skills of golfing, rifle shooting,... read more

  • Walking With Jesus
    Growth through Revelation and Surrender

    “What would you say is the first step towards becoming a Christian?”   I was asked this question, many years ago,... read more

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