Articles categorized in "Learning to Walk with God's Heart for our Marriage "

  • Protect The One You Love
    Let The One You Love Protect You

    2016 did not afford me the creative energy I needed to write much. But, it did leave me with many new messages to share in the day... read more

  • 5 Ways to Pray for the One You Love
    The Priceless Gift You Can Give Your Spouse

    “Do you pray?” For your husband? For your wife? Not married yet? How about for the one you will marry? I often ask thi... read more

  • My Son's Wedding
    In Honor of Jinha

    This weekend, my youngest son, Dustin, will marry his beautiful bride, Jasmin. What a joy it has been to watch them plan their wed... read more

  • Who's on Your Screensaver

    Recently, I had to answer my husband's cell phone. When the call ended, I glanced at the picture on his screen saver. It was a pic... read more

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