I love my dad! He taught me the value of hard work. Plus, he passed on to me the essential life skills of golfing, rifle shooting, and catching fish. 


It occurred to me, as I prepared to write this post, my dad also helped me learn another invaluable lesson. Possibly, one of the most important of all. He taught me to pay attention and listen to the voice of God!


I remember, I was just a girl. While I never caught many, I loved to fish. There was no greater feel than a pole in my hand, a sitting rock under my bottom, and a blue lake shimmering before my eyes. 


One unforgettable fishing trip happened at a lake in Arizona. My dad had barely parked the car, when I jumped out, grabbed my pole, threw it over my shoulder, and hightailed-it to the lake's glistening shore.


"Cathy, stop." I heard his voice, but I couldn't stop. I would… Just as soon as I got to the lake.


"Caaattthhhyyyy, STOP!!!!" He yelled the words urgently! 


I stopped. Sheepishly, I turned towards his voice. Then, I gasped! I knew I was in BIG trouble! For instantly, I saw why dad had shouted my name. There he stood, the hook from my fishing pole solidly lodged in his ear. The line must have released when I threw it over my shoulder. The faster and further I had walked, the deeper it dug in. I felt horrible! 


That day, I learned a valuable lesson. There was a reason my dad yelled my name. A reason he needed me to stop. To listen! Unbeknownst to me, there was danger behind me. In my zeal to move forward, I was hurting someone caught in my wake. 


I confess, as a grown woman, I still need reminders of this valuable lesson. When God calls, no matter the hurry I am in or what task I am intent on getting done, I need to stop. He needs me to listen! 


Lord, teach us to respond quickly to Your voice. To stop whatever we are intent on doing. Wherever we may be focused on going. Help us to be quick to listen when you call our name! 


Your own ears will hear Him. Right behind you a voice will say, "This is the way you should go!"  Isaiah 30:21