This weekend, my youngest son, Dustin, will marry his beautiful bride, Jasmin. What a joy it has been to watch them plan their wedding with great maturity, love, and care around their desire to make sure Jasmin's mother is able to particpate in and celebrate her daughter's speical day!

Below, please read the special story of this young couple's wedding plans, written by my soon-to-be daughter-in-grace. I know you will be blessed. And, I hope you will prayerfully consider a way you can help combat the devastating disease that has changed her families lives.


On April 6, 2013, My wonderful boyfriend propsed to me. After contemplating dates and budgets, we asked ourselves what was important to us... our answer: my mom Jinha. So, with that said, we decided that celebrating my mom and making sure she could enjoy our wedding to her fullest capacity was our #1 priority. We decided there was no better day than Oct 19, 2013.. the day of the Alzheimer's Walk! In honor of our mom (or soon-to-be mom) we are asking that you would join us (however you can) to celebrate her and to celebrate our special day! Regardless of how extravagant or not our wedding winds up being, we know that it wouldn't be the same if my mom isn't able to celebrate with us. She is the most wonderful person I know. So lace up those shoes, bust out those pocket books or simply pass a long the word.. we would LOVE for you to celbrate our mom with us!!!   

My beautiful mother Jinha has spent the entirety of her life giving. Often going without for herself she freely has made sacrifices so her family could be happy. My mom has Early onset Alzheimer's which rapidly deteriorates it's victims; at only 61 my mom a once self sufficient and "NEVER-FORGETTING-ANYTHING" woman has becomedependent on her family... EVEN THOUGH SHE DOESN'T REMEMBER US ALL THE TIME.

Can you imagine what it's like to see and experience a loved one FORGET who you are? That's what my family faces daily but we REFUSE to give up.

We are walking on behalf of our mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, and for EVERYONE affected. We are walking to END ALZHEIMERS!!!


-RAISE AWARENESS! Spread the word to your friends family co-workers or anyone else you may know. Let them know about how they can get involved as well even if it's just by passing the word along raising awareness is one (giant) step in right direction.

-WALK! You can show support by walking alone joining a team or starting a team of your own; our goal isn't to see if our team can raise the most money but to raise money for the cause.

-PRAY! The biggest way to help out in my opinion is prayer and that is why I am asking everyone to pray. Please pray for my mom for everyone affected by Alzheimer's and especially for an END. I believe we have a BIG GOD WHO CAN DO BIG THINGS!!

Anyway you put it the best way to help put an end to Alzheimers is byGETING INVOLVED. I've listed a few ways to help but there are plenty of options out there. Scroll through to find other ways you can participate and PLEASE DO SOMETHING; THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO IS NOTHING.

By Jasmin Nelson