Recently, I had to answer my husband's cell phone. When the call ended, I glanced at the picture on his screen saver. It was a picture of me. Suddenly it occurred to me that my husband of twenty-eight years has always had a picture of me first place in his wallet, front and center in his law office and on the desk top of his home office. I began to think of the pictures on my screen saver, on my nightstand, on my refrigerator and in my wallet. The pictures were of our children and more recently of our grandchildren.

I knew God was trying to tell me something! I realized my husband and I were in a pattern of going separate ways. Although happily married, I tend to make our grown children, our grandchildren and ministry opportunities my top priority. When my husband invites me to his business functions and social engagements, I find it easier and more comfortable to stay home. I believe in and support his work, his ministries and his activities but I was not a part of them.

As I looked at my photo on his screen saver, the Lord whispered to my heart, "I want your husband's picture to be on your screen saver." I knew these words were about more than a photo on my phone. I understood I needed to make him a top priority, to accompany him to his legal and community events, as well as be more intentional to support, encourage and stand beside him.

As we begin the new year, I wonder, who is on your screen saver? My prayer is the "pictures" on our "screen savers" will always reflect God's priorities for our lives!

God Bless Your 2011!