Daniel 5:23 says, "honor the God who holds in His hand your life and all of your ways." I hold on to this promise in the Bible and others like it when I am afraid or when life feels out of my control. Like Saturday, when my flight was delayed from taking off because of possible engine trouble.

I have always loved to fly. Growing up, my dad worked for the airlines. So, flying in an airplane is familiar to me. In fact, my husband teases that I have jet fuel in my veins. Still, take-offs, landings and turbulence always rattle my nerves! So when the captain announced the potential engine problem, part of me wanted to get off that plane and run.

Instead, fastened securely in my emergency row exit seat, I turned my heart to prayer and my thoughts to what I believe to be true: that indeed He holds my life and all of my ways in His faithful and powerful hand! And when our plane was finally cleared for take-off, as we taxied down the runway then lifted off for our destination, I relaxed resting in the promise that there is no safer place I can be than in the palm of my loving God's hand.